Proffessional Detailes

Name: Jitendra

Education Qualification: B.Tech

Role: UI/UX Design & UI Developer


user interfaces, user experiences using Figma, HTML, CSS,  JavaScript,Bootstrap, jQuery, ReactJS, and WordPress.

Skills Description

In my toolkit of digital prowess, I wield a diverse array of skills to craft captivating web experiences. Armed with Figma, I orchestrate sleek designs, while HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap lend structure and style, ensuring seamless user interaction. With JavaScript and jQuery, I breathe life into static pages, infusing them with dynamic functionality and interactivity. Venturing into the realm of modern web development, I harness the power of ReactJS to build robust, responsive interfaces. Versatile and adaptable, I navigate the intricate landscapes of WordPress with finesse, sculpting custom themes and plugins to suit every need. My expertise converges to shape the digital frontier, where innovation thrives and user experience reigns supreme